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We offer a wide range of sodium chloride (NaCl).

Discover the incredible taste and health benefits of Goyal Salt-Ek chutki Swaad aur Sehat ki!


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Goyal Salt Limited (formerly known as Goyal Salt Pvt. Ltd.) situated on the land of Nawa City near Sambhar Lake (India's largest inland salt water lake), Rajasthan.


Goyal Salt Limited was incorporated in the year 2010 with the name “Goyal Salt Pvt. Ltd.”, one of the largest Manufacturers and Dealers in all varieties of Sodium Chloride (NaCl). We ensure that our salt meets the highest standards for both industrial applications and human consumption.

Our management consist of highly qualified professionals in chemical, mechanical, technical and commercial fields. our team of professionals is dedicated to maintain high quality standards consistently and fulfils the sodium chloride requirements for various industries including chemical, dye textiles, detergent & soap, cattle feed, leather, power generation, oil & gas and food Industries. Our products are accepted and appreciated from many decades for their high quality standards.



Our vision is to produce quality and diverse salt products catering to health & well-being of our customers, suppliers & employees.


Our Mission is To harvest edible salt that is known for its wholeness, richness and purity and remains naturals. To produce Refined Salt that remains free from pollutants & impurities. To constantly monitor our efficiency by effecting good manufacturing practices.